What this blog is and isn't about

I don't intend my blog to be a resource for people; I don't consider myself experienced enough.  I do not intend it to be an example to people; I'm too far from perfect.  I don't intend for my blog to be a source of 'influence'.  It won't be a kit blog, though I will do occasional reviews if they're relevant to something I feel I should say.  It won't be a tutorial blog, though I may share things I've found helpful.

I do intend for this blog to be my thoughts and considerations on a range of matters, mostly photographical, or at least photography-related.  I will post behind-the-scenes (BTS) or background features from shoots I have done.  The blog will reflect my journey as I start a second career in photography, after being an amateur photographer for most of my life: my experiences, my lessons, acknowledgements, thanks and my inspirations.  While I won't necessarily deal with my development in a structured or formal manner, the blog's chronological nature will in effect make a record of it.

I'll post on social media when I add a new post so you can take a look if you fancy.  I'd welcome any comments or feedback, or just to chat about the wonderful art form that is photography.  Until then, bye for now.